8. Diner

I’ve finished 3 backgrounds: a London Tube Station, a Diner and a Saloon so far.

And I need to start working faster now,  I should draw at least another 4 Backgrounds this week.

I’ll need to take a day to set up the animation tools (Line test and animation table) and scan the final drawings.

The sales of the book have dramatically slowed down,

so I’m just dropping a few lines to remind you that you can help finance the film

by buying a Deadman’s Reach book HERE or by making your friends buy it!


And Here is the Diner:

You can let me know what you think of it, here.


7. Time-lapse and Animation test.

Exciting post today as I finally have a drawing that will appear in the final film!

I finished a first background and did a little animation test last week.

Here is me drawing the BG:

I have to animate up to 6 minutes of animation in a very short time,

this is equivalent of 4320 drawings in pencils and 4320 in pen…

Lets say A LOT. To be on schedule I had to find a quick method to animate.

Since I’m not a proper animator it needed to be easy enough and reliable.

The obvious choise was rotoscoping, i.e. Drawing on top of video.

The problem with this technic, is that it doesn’t feel right, you’re missing the artist interpretation.

I decided to tweak this technic. I needed the Rotoscop to be able to draw easily, not to guide the movement,  i needed only the poses and not the timings.

So this is what I do:

I film the subject in slow motion (this is usually me moving slowly), with very specific poses.

Then I re-time the animation by keeping only the frames that are relevent to the animation I want.

Giving you a video close to Pixilation. But with the ability to film it on your own (quite important in my case)

Finally I trace the drawing on top of the video.

Here is the result, obviously a drunk skeleton:

This week plan is to start the bigest BGs, and maybe animate a background animation to a final state.

6. Thank You

I just got back from Berlin, where I spent an awesome time with the guys at the Dudes Factory.

You really should check their website!

In the mean time I didn’t work on the film, but did manage to finish the THANK YOU page,

have a look at who bought the book so far, and discover great art works!

This week plan is a bit hard-core, I need to get the studio ready for 2D animation and Rotoscop.

Plus finish at least one Background to production level. And ideally have an animation test ready.

I’d better get to work then…

This is a preview of my rotoscop device, HIGH TECH believe me!

5. Animatic

I managed to finish the animatic first draft, It’s a very rough cut since I don’t have the final tracks.

The great news is that Mooe started working on here cover, and that I’m off for a week in berlin to meet up with the Dead Pirates.

We’ll be able to talk about the sound tracks. And party and get drunk. The usual.

So not much work will be done this week. I started a “Rotoscopy device” that I’ll share with you later, along with some animation test.

To give you a bit of a tease, here’s the first few minutes of the animatic. The song is “One” by Harry Nilsson. It will be cover by Mooe.