13. RIP

My computer died last week…

This is not a good news, I’ll have to get a new one, which is not going to help the finance of the film.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to edit the little making of I wanted to show you.

I got some secondary characters animated last week, and I was aiming at comping a shot completely, in order to have an idea of the final look.

All this is going to be postponed until I get a new machine. I’m going to focus on backgrounds again.

This is a good opportunity to get lots of them done.

Here is some background characters animation.

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12. First Animation

This is the week 12 starting, already, Damn, that’s stress full.

And look at all this sun outside, it doesn’t make any sense!

Last week, I managed to finish the animation I wanted. I can tell you it’s gonna be tough.

This week I’m back on backgrounds for a few days and then will animate again.

Next week post will be a video showing the process of how I animated this first shot.

Including an amazing video of me stumbling in my living room!

But for now Enjoy the film first animation: 

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11. Ranch

Last week went well, not having any distractions really helped.

I have now 14 Backgrounds completed, and I’m feeling a bit more confident.

This week I’m gonna keep on drawing as many backgrounds as possible, but I’ll leave the Shading for later.

I’m also planing to finish the film first shot. The background is ready and it has 3 characters to be animated.

Good challenge!

In the mean time here is a finished BG, a RANCH:

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10. Change in Plan

So last week I did a proper schedule, and as expected, It freaked me out

It came to 45 days of work at a pace far from the one I’m at. So I had to re-think the way I work.

I was drawing one Background at the time. The process was, Print the storyboard on an A3, look for references, Draw a detailed pencil drawing, Ink It and then shade it.

Each process is fairly easy and relatively efficient. However by working this way I was loosing a lot of time, wondering what to do, looking for things on the internet, getting distracted by facebook etc.

I would also lose time in between each steps, out of procrastination or lack of motivation. If It was 8.30 pm and I wanted to work till 9, I wouldn’t start a new drawing, other wise it would easily end up being 11…

Plus It meant that I needed to finish every background completely to be able to animate every shot.

The new plan is more efficient because I have lots of task to choose from, and I can turn off the computer during a whole day if I want to.

The new process is print lots of BGs (maybe 10), look for all the references needed for those BG, then draw and ink all those 10 BG. I keep the shading for later. The shading process will run until the end of production.

This way in a few days I should be able to have the outlines of all the background, and so I will be able to start animation at any time.

My animators friends also recommended to keep other things to do while animating, to have something to relax my head with.

I managed to do 8 backgrounds in one day an a Half!

This week I’m in the contry side, without electricity, internet, or even cell phone coverage, so I will focus on shading those 8 back grounds.

Hopefully I’ll finish all of them!

Here are this week 8 inked Bg:

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9. New BackGround

Last week was a bit slow, mainly due to the fact that I spend 5 hours colouring A THIRD of an A3 in red. Using a O.4 mm pen…

Bloody Diner sits. It felt like Math lessons all over again!

Anyway, I’m one background behind, I will catch up somehow this week.

Mooe sent me the first draft of here Harry Nilsson’s “One” cover, and it’s brilliant,

I can’t wait for you to hear it!

Mean while listen to here other songs, HERE. They’re perfect for a monday morning. Or any other time!

This week plan is a bit serious…  Apart from the thursday afternoon Old Fashioned Stroll.

I need to sort out a proper PLANING for the backgrounds. I’ve finished 6 of them, out of 60 and I only have a few weeks to finish all of them.

I started by the hardest ones, yet I need a realistic schedule. Today starts the 9th week. It needs to get a bit more intense.

Any one care to Produce me?

The great news is that I am 20 Books away from adding 1 more month to the production! Making it a proper 6 month production.

Here is one of the new BackGrounds, a Motel Room:

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