9. New BackGround

Last week was a bit slow, mainly due to the fact that I spend 5 hours colouring A THIRD of an A3 in red. Using a O.4 mm pen…

Bloody Diner sits. It felt like Math lessons all over again!

Anyway, I’m one background behind, I will catch up somehow this week.

Mooe sent me the first draft of here Harry Nilsson’s “One” cover, and it’s brilliant,

I can’t wait for you to hear it!

Mean while listen to here other songs, HERE. They’re perfect for a monday morning. Or any other time!

This week plan is a bit serious…  Apart from the thursday afternoon Old Fashioned Stroll.

I need to sort out a proper PLANING for the backgrounds. I’ve finished 6 of them, out of 60 and I only have a few weeks to finish all of them.

I started by the hardest ones, yet I need a realistic schedule. Today starts the 9th week. It needs to get a bit more intense.

Any one care to Produce me?

The great news is that I am 20 Books away from adding 1 more month to the production! Making it a proper 6 month production.

Here is one of the new BackGrounds, a Motel Room:

Feel free to leave comments HERE


2 Comments on “9. New BackGround”

  1. David Lea says:

    Hi Quentin – have you thought about building a texture library of generic pen and ink marks scanned into your computer: cross hatch (different thickness etc..) wood textures, metal, skys, patterns. That way on some of the Backgrounds you could just do an outline, then use photoshop to add textures from your shiney new library….might not be great for all shots but it could save time?


    • kweninlondon says:

      Yep, johnny mentioned that too, but it’s not really the way i wanna do things, I’d like to involve as little computer as possible, and be able to expose the BGs at the end of the project. But since i’m gonna be drawing the only outlines from know on, if i see thats its undoable to shade all of them, I’ll probably will try that! Cheers for the tip ;)

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